Scopes for Heavy Recoil of 3″ Exp’s

Randy, I’ve been shooting Lightfield Hybrids for probably 20 plus years through several different guns. I would like to thank you for years of great shooting! My question is what scopes do you recommend for the heavy recoil of 3″ Exp’s. I’ve broke Nikons and Weavers! Shooting Benelli sbe with ER Shaw custom barrel. Price is not a problem, I just want to do it one final time!

Scopes have been a problem on slug guns for 30 years.

No scope manufacture seems to feel there is any difference between heavy RIFLE recoil, fast and sharp, and the heavy SLOW recoil with a lot of torque involved with slug guns.

My personal choice is the Zeiss Conquest 3-9 X40mm. We have installed over 1000 units on slug guns and only one came back making enough noise to be a baby rattler. Replaced free of charge I might add by Zeiss.

I have a number of Zeiss scopes here on test guns that have over 3000-5000 rounds and are still working. My personal scope requirements are tuff. Because of Consulting testing & R&D for Lightfield Ammo, I can shoot as many as 10,000 rounds a year if need be out of different weight guns and different twist rates.
So my scopes take a beaten! Although, I have been reading online reviews in an attempt to find the best scope for 308 and I always recommend checking out the opinions that experts discuss on the internet when you’re ready to buy a new one as it’s better to go off what they say over the manufacturers themselves.

We are lucky to live in the age of the internet and there are hundreds of reviews of different scopes online. This means that you can really make an informed choice before settling on the scope which is best for you and your gun. A website like has dozens of different reviews and guides to help anyone wanting to buy a new rifle scope.

All of the new models, by everyone, with the drop compensators in have not been in production long enough to be considered as part of my personal choice.