SameSite™ Accuracy DISCONTINUED JAN 2020


“The capability to use three different velocity slugs without adjusting your sites”. 

Lightfield Ammunition, the Industry Leader in sabot slug technology, Hybred Series of sabot slugs takes accuracy to a new level that has NEVER been achieved in the shooting industry before. Sight-in your rifled barrel slug gun using Hybred Lites (reduced recoil sabot) and you have field sighted your slug gun for all three velocity ranges including the 3” Hybred Elite Magnum.

With the Lightfield’s “SameSite™ Accuracy” system you leave the range knowing that Lightfield advance Hybred technology keeps you on target regardless of which 12 ga. Hybred you choose to use on your hunt. Whether you see it as a time saver, money saver, or simply a more convenient, less painful way to confirm you’re on target.
You’ll quickly see the advantages of our “SameSite™ Accuracy”, despite the differences in velocity, “where one of these slugs goes, the other will follow.”

“Take the test and judge the results for yourself.”

SameSite™ Accuracy” technology from Lightfield will now be available to the 20 gauge hunter with the addition of the new 3 inch “Hybred Mag-20” to the Hybred series of sabot slugs from Lightfield!