Sabots Effect on Lands and Grooves of Barrel

Hi Randy, the sabots you use one the Exp 12 ga. 2/34″ slugs, do they foul the lands and grooves of the barrel, and if so on average how quickly?? And what is the best solvent to clean a barrel that is strictly dedicated to the 12 ga 2 3/4 Exp slug?? Thank-You Dan PS….. I assume there is no lead build up at all.

If you are strictly using the Hybred-Exp in this barrel you only need to clean it, as far as fouling goes, once every 3000 rounds or so.
I clean out test barrels at the end of each year, about 5000 rounds.

Once you use a petroleum based product in a steel barrel, expect to fire a min of (8-10) rounds of ammo before the barrel will resume its accuracy. You must burn all of the petroleum residue out of the barrel.
Short of getting the barrel soaking wet inside just a snug fitting a dry patch is all that is required.