Rifling Rate of Mossberg 835

Are there any known issues with the Lightfield 3.5″ Commander slugs and the Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag Slug Barrel with Fiber Optic sights (Mossberg item no. 90802)? I have a question just posed to Mossberg about what the rate of rifling twist is in this barrel. My understanding is that a 1 in 29 to 1 in 30-inch rate of twist is optimal for a 1900-fps slug like the Commander. Is there anything special I should be aware of with this barrel and the Commanders?

The Commander IDS and the new Commander IDS PLUS has always worked well out of the Mossberg 835 slug barrel. To my knowledge the 835 has a 1-35 twist rate.
If you look in the barrel and the rifling makes less then 1/2 turn, end to end, it is a 1 34 or a 1-35 twist.
If it looks like a bolt thread and appears to make one complete turn it is a 1-28 or 1-30.
I don’t think you could mistake one twist for the other.

It all a mute subject with Lightfield sabot slugs as they will shoot just as well in a twist rate as slow as 1-46 thru the fast twist rates of 1-25.

That magical 1-28 twist is the right twist for all of the little pistol bullets floating around out there but because of the copper jacket is inside a smooth plastic sabot , 95% of the time the copper/jacketed slugs inside a hard plastic sabot never achieve the 50,000+RPM’s to completely stabilize.

Lightfield has the patent that allows the bullet and the sabot to be locked thus assuring the right RPM’s to stabilize.