Removing Recoil from Ithaca Model 87

I have been using Lightfields since they first came on the market in my Ithaca Model 87 12 gauge featherweight. It is chambered for 3 inch, however, the recoil is devastating even on the 2 3/4 hybrids. I caught scope eye, twice in the same day, (actually caught the bridge of my nose), the second one really hurt but more importantly, I dropped both deer. Any recommendations to take some of the recoil out of that gun? My son uses the H&R single shot with the Hybrid Elites with devastating results, the H&R of course is a 10guage bored out to 12 and is super heavy.


Because of its light weight the Ithaca 87 has a reputation of being a Hard Kicker with any high performance slug. I have heard that from countless hunters over the last 20 years. Have you tried the 2 3/4″ Hybred Lites?

The only thing I can assume is that you are not holding on hard enough to the forend of the Ithaca 87 while you are shooting and having a Pachmayr Triple-Mag recoil installed would help.

I also would suggest going to the <> web site, click on the “Shooting Resources” tab on the top navigational bar.

A tab will drop down from there called “Shooting Guide Pages”.
Read each of the short articles. Maybe they can help you correct your problem.