Lightfield: Bucks, Boars and Bears A 2 3/4″ 12ga Commander-IDS sabot, 465gr slug @1600fps

   Lightfield Buck, Boars & Bear (bore size) sabot slug.   A 135yd do it all slug!


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A 2 3/4″ 12ga, 456gr slug @ 1600FPS.

The newest addition to the Lightfield sabot slug line was the 2 3/4″ Commander IDS-sabot round, a 73 caliber bore size, deep pentation sabot. A 150yd do it all slug.


The wild boar hunters specifically ask Lightfield to develop a sabot round that would not blow up on the surface of Hogs, that are covered with dried caked on mud.  The normal EXP sabots were expanding to quickly on the surface of the mud and offered very little pentation and weight retention.  The 360 degree IDS-sabot used on this 73 caliber sabot round; controls the expansion rate and assures ample weight retention for deep pentation. It was designed to bore through hide, tough tissue and bone to penetrate deeper with a full bore size (.730ths. diameter – 465gr) Lightfield IDS-sabot slug.    

It quickly gained a reputation for working on all medium big game, up to and including Black Bears. Thus the name “Bucks, Boars & Bears”.   Not recommended for Black Bears above 500 pound

(IDS) Impact Discarding Sabot Series: –  The BBB 2 3/4″ 465gr. @ 1600 ft/sec. with a massive 2,643 ft-lbs of energy, before delivering a staggering 1,094 ft-lbs into its target at 125 yards with a mere ¾” of drop. The lightest and fastest weight of all the Commander IDS series rounds. The upper end of the Commander IDS series were the 600gr slugs; for the 3″ and  3 1/2″ Super Mags.



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