Alpha Gold 300gr ML – lead bullet 50cal. Ram Rod seating tool – fit’s spitzer shaped nose SOLD OUT

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The Lightfield Alpha Gold 300 is a .50 caliber, 300 grain, 99% pure lead sabot spitzer boat-tail muzzle loading bullet designed with a serrated hollow point for maximum controlled expansion. The Lightfield Alpha Gold 300 has a higher Ballistic Coefficient than any sabot pistol bullet for muzzle loading. In reports, members stressed Alpha Gold’s ease of loading, accuracy and stopping power. Lightfield’s Alpha Gold has received the North American Hunting Club Field Test Approval. The North American Hunting Club Member Reports gave a 97% Recommendation to Lightfield’s Alpha Gold 300 sabot spitzer boat tail-an exceptional recommendation for any ammunition. It retains higher velocity which translates into a flatter trajectory with more downrange energy for deeper penetration! Includes FREE ramrod adapter!

We designed the Alpha Gold for effectiveness, and we precisely tested Alpha Gold to establish the correct loads for a variety of powders that will help you be successful. Alpha Gold’s sabot provides the proper and critically important gas seal in both regular and quick loading muzzle crowns. The sabot fully engages in the rifling with the 99% pure lead expanding to lock with the sabot to form a single projectile in the barrel. Like other Lightfield’s sabot slugs, the Alpha Gold sabot and bullet spin together as a single unit, a spin rate that is as consistent bullet to bullet as your rifling. The result is accuracy one Alpha gold after another. Add hard-to-believe expansion – from a size less than a dime to greater than a quarter – and you have the extraordinary stopping power you want in the field.


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