Powder for Commander IDS 465

Hello Randy, I have some Commander IDS 465 gr Slugs for hand loading.

Do you have an other powder recommendation since they have discontinued Solo 1250?

You can use Green Dot powder (Blue Dot is to slow), to load the 465 grain Commander in a 2 3/4″ Cheddite and Fiocchi hull.  Start at 24.0 grains and go NO MORE than 27.0 grains, that IS A MAX LOAD for a velocity of1400-1550ft/sec. at an OAL of aproxamently 2.425 inches.
In the pressure gun 27.0 gr. generated 1510ft/sec. at 10,900psi. and at 70 degrees temperature. It is also a good cold weather load.

Roll crimp the OAL of the case down until the slug itself cannot rattle if you shake it really hard but don’t overdo it and compress the pressure wad. Just so it cannot rattle when shaken hard.