Performance of 20 Ga. Slug Gun

Randy I just wrote to you about how well the 12 ga 3″ hybrid elites shoot. What do you think about a 20 ga. slug gun?

The 20ga only looks good on paper because of higher velocity and it doesn’t recoil so much. It only gets high velocity form shooting light weight projectiles. They shed velocity faster and have no real down range energy.
The 12ga Hybred Lite (reduced recoil) sabot has about the same recoil as a 20 mag. but has about 20% more energy inside 125 yard than the 20ga. At 125 yards the trajectory is so close you cannot see the difference in a hand held gun.
Hybred Exp 2 ¾” 20ga round will deliver the 1000ft/lbs out to 100 yards, that is necessary for white tail deer and clean kills. The NEW 3” Hybred Mag-20 from Lightfield will deliver 1000ft/lbs out to 125 yards.

Anything in the 0-80 yards range, the Hybred Mag-20 performance will equal the reduced recoil 12ga rounds.

That is just the reason that to 20ga does NOT MAKE a good slug gun  in any current production ammo in 2103.