Minimizing Inventory

I have an 1100 (2 3/4″ chamber) and a 11-87 (3″ chamber). I’d like to minimize my inventory. What do you think about shooting the 2 3/4″s in both guns? Thanks, John

The difference in accuracy while firing a 2 3/4″ in a 3″ chamber cannot be seen in a field held gun.

That being said, when it comes to Lightfield Hybred sabots the real difference is at what point down range do you reach the limit for providing the 1000ft/lbs of energy. The 2 3/4″ Hybred Exp is a 155 to 158 yard slug (at 1000ft/lbs of energy) and the Hybred Elite 3″ round has 1000ft/lbs of energy at 200-212 yards.In effect you gain about another 45 yards of clean killing zone down range.