Lightfield Loads for a 1 in 35 Inch Twist Barrel

Hello there, Mr. Randy

I have shoot federal 3 inch mags loaded with hydra-shocks for 15 years out of my rem.1187″ with a 1 1n 35 inch twist. Keeping the holes touching at 50 yards off a bench. Federal quit making them and I can’t find them anymore. I tried the Horandy SST and got a 5-6 inch group at 50 yards.I tried federal 3 inch with barns Expanders got about 4 inch groups. Would the Lightfield loads be a good choice for a 1 in 35 inch twist barrel?

Thank you

That poor performance from the other manufactures of sabot does not surprise me. They are trying to grip a smooth copper coated/jacketed bullet with a slippery plastic sabot. Spinning the bullet up to 50,000 RPMS, required for stabilization, when you cannot grip the bullet, is tough to do.

Lightfield has the patent that locks the bullet and the sabot together to assure the proper amount of spin to stabilize the bullet.

Because of the patent that keys the slug and sabot together, Lightfield Ammo will stabilize in any twist rate from 1-44 thru 1-22 inches. I would try the Hybred-Elite 3″ mag.