Increase Range of Remington 870

I have a year old Remington 870 with rifled barrel and Nikon Slugmaster scope. It is a good shooter but would like to increase my range out to 200 yards. Do you offer a conversion for this and if so is that a possibility?

We do a fixed barrel conversion to the 870 Rem. We take your gun and fit a block of steel into the receiver. Then we fit and thread a new heavy wall barrel into that steel block, thus making a 12ga pump rifle out of an 870 shotgun.
We then drill and tap the top of the receiver and mount the scope where it belongs for best accuracy.
It costs 525.00 and takes anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks depending on bluing and machine time.

You can count the so called 200 yd slugs (on one hand) that are capable of delivering 1000ft/lbs of energy at 200 yards. Because of wind drift and rainbow trajectories at that distances most shooters cannot force themselves to hold off the deer as much as 4 ft.

Those shots are more good luck than management.