Increase Accuracy of Mossberg 695

Hi Randy, as an owner of an already decent shooting Mossberg 695 bolt action slug gun, what modifications or improvements can I make to increase the accuracy of my weapon? The abysmal trigger pull is definitely on my list, but I’m not sure what other changes would yield discernable improvements. Any suggestions? Thanks, Joe

The Mossberg is an  entry level into the bolt action slug gun world and their are reasons why it cost so little, Around a $50.00 bill to produce.

The Cheapest improvements to get as much accuracy as the factory barrel can give you are:  have the trigger adjusted, have the barrel cut off 1/2″, have a third action screw installed and have the action bedded.

Have the safety knob secured because it is going to come apart in the field at some point.

The Savage 210, the next level up with a better action and good hunting trigger, goes for around that $600.00 price range and than you can upgrade from there..