Inconsistent Accuracy on Mossberg 500


Still cannot get any consistent accuracy on my Mossberg 500 with a scope. I have tried 3 different mounts and 5 different scopes now. Can not get any accuracy at all. Very, very frustrating. I was beginning to believe that it was just the barrel and not the mounts or scopes. So I shot 5 of your Lightfield 2 3/4 Hybred EXP without the scope at 50 yards. Put all 5 with in a 4 inch group with several touching each other. Not sure what the heck is going on! Will be hunting Mon. 11/29 in Ohio without a scope again. My question is: How much would it cost for me to send my Mossberg 500 to your company to make it a DSG, with scope and all? Also will you guys shoot the weapon after converting it to a DSG to be sure it is working properly? I can not afford to shoot up several hundreds of dollars worth of ammo again as I did this year. Mike

Your accuracy problem your describing is more common than you may think.
I can only assume what is going on because I would need the actual barrel to verify my conclusion.

If that barrel is a few thousands larger that it should be, or the walls of the sabot is a few thousands thinner then it should be, that is enough to get you trouble.  If you are lucky enough to have a big barrel and you buy some undersize sabots it becomes one and two foot flyer time!!

The barrel is gripping the sabot because of the rifling cutting into it but with a slightly bigger bore there is not enough pressure generated by the smooth inside of the sabot to grip a copper (washed, jacketed, or solid copper) bullet, that is being used by other manufactures.

The sabot MUST grip the bullet and accelerate it up to nearly 50,000 rpms
within a 1/2 inch of forward movement down the barrel to make it fly stable and accurate with a 1-28 twist barrel.

Lightfield patens guarantees the sabot and slug are mechanically locked together assuring the proper rpms to stabilize.  The designs also include the ability of the pure lead slug to swell up (upset) itself to fill inside diameter of your barrel regardless of it size! The barrel itself sizes the bullet to the proper fit so each slug is a custom fit..

If your slug gun won’t shoot groups with the Lightfield Hybred series of sabot, there is something wrong with the gun, scope, mounts, etc.
Some guns may shoot 1-hole groups, some may shoot 2-4 inch groups, “BUT THEY WILL BE GROUPS”, no crazy flyers way out of the group if you’re doing your part!