Inaccuracy with Lightfield Brass Slug

In the past 5 years I have shot Lightfield high brass slug. These slug are sighted in using a lead sled at 50yards. All shot touching each other. When they went to low brass the shots are sometime at least 2inch off. Lightfield sent 3 boxes of there old high brass plus 3 boxes of their TKO 67 low brass. The high brass did great. But the TKO 67 shell when check before firing there were 2 shell that felt loose in there hull. These shell were mark in the other member of are team did not know this. These are the 2 shots that are out at least 2 inches. Please note I buy all my ammo with the same lot number. Are they having a problem with the way they are ship. Thank you.


First of all shotgun shells come with brass coated steel heads in various heights and some are all plastic.
There are 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm in heights, just to name a few. These heads are on the shell primarily to improve extraction. Max. Allowable pressure for a 12ga. round is 11,500 psi. All of the different heights of can withstand about 13,000psi. before deforming.
So that means any height of head will do. All of these different heights are made for smoke and mirrors for the end customer. After all who would believe a 8mm length head (just over a ¼”) could be a real 3” mag.
Lightfield has used different head lengths over the years, including an all plastic hull with no head. I mention this just to make my point.

I would need to know the lot numbers of these different shell to make sense out of what you’re asking. I can tell you that any slug we make will have all the same lot of powder in it in any given year’s production. Each year means a different lot of powder and usually means a slightly different point of impact. You’re 2 inch deviation sounds about right.
I can say that any type of sabot slug that is lose in the hull may cause accuracy issues regardless of manufacture.

Because Lightfield sabots are designed to expand (upset) to the bore size of your barrel upon firing, poor accuracy is less of an issue with Lightfields due to a lose slug…