Hybred in 2 3/4 Compatibility with Nikon Slughunter

Randy how does the Hybred in 2 3/4 work with the Nikon Slughunter. I wanting to put a new scope on my super black eagle II. What would you recommend for a scope for your slugs, please help.
The Nikon slug Hunter really matches the trajectory of the 3″ Hybred Elite @1730fps.  Much more than it does the slower 2 3/4″ Hybred @ 1450fps.

Most any scope with a duplex scopes work well with the 2 3/4″ Hybred but the how it is too hard to explain in this limited text area. You would have to call me if you’re interested. (570-784-6368)

Because the Black Eagle II is an inertia operated recoil/reloading system, the rule of thumb is not to install a scope and mounting system that weights more than 18oz. total.   With heavier scopes the gun may not cycle reliably.