Conversion of Mossberg 500A to DSG

Hi Randy, I know as a company you guys cannot afford to have the tools to make all shotguns into DSG conversion. My question is are you guys capable of turning my Mossberg 500A pump 12 Gauge chambered for 2 3/4 and 3″ shells into a DSG? My receiver is already tapped for a scope I just need my barrel permanently affixed to the receiver. If you can do this, how much would it cost? Thanks for the help! Al


Sorry, We only do the full TarHunt DSG conversions to the 870 Rem. Pump gun, we don’t even do the semi-autos from Rem.
We never made parts for the Mossberg guns because very few people would put a $500.00 conversion on a gun that costs just over $225.00 dollars.
Call me and I will discuss your options.