Consistent Groups After Fouled Barrel

Hi Randy, I shoot 12 gauge 2 3/4″ Lightfield Hybred Exp’s in an Ithaca Deerslayer II (made in King Ferry, NY – before the move to Ohio). What I have noticed is that the first shot I take through a clean barrel is off by quite a bit, but that once the barrel is fouled I am able to get consistent groups. I’ve even gotten into the habit of intentionally fouling the barrel by taking a shot before opening day. People say I’m crazy? Am I?

Dead EYE,

Any time you clean a barrel with a petroleum based cleaner it takes at least 5-8 rounds to burn that liquid out of the barrel. Until that is done the barrel will shoot vertical groups. Plastic sabots sliding over a steel barrel coated with an oily coating causes inconsistence pressures round to round. Until it is burned away, accuracy is poor.

Switching ammo, so called testing slugs for accuracy in the, same barrel at the same session, has the same effects.
Every manufacture of ammo uses a different bore lubricant mixed in with there powder. It takes 5-8 round to coat the bore with what every product they use.

Shooting JUST one box (5 rounds or less) of every make of sabot slug is a PURE WASTE OF MONEY. Just about the time the barrel will try to shoot with that brand, you change the ammo and the process of barrel recoating starts all over again!