Confidence in Weapon

Randy, Thanks for the quick response to my question about the Exp’s through a clean barrel. I’m not looking for ridiculous accuracy, but I do want to have confidence in my weapon — something I haven’t really had since switching from rifle to a slug gun. Would firing a few cheap birdshot loads before sighting in and before opening day suffice, or do you have other recommendations? Again, I’m not looking for a nail-driver, just a deer gun that I can trust.

Shooting a few rounds of something will burn out the oil in the barrel.
But that will do nothing to establish a coating of the type of lubricant used by the brand of slugs you have chosen to use.

Why are you cleaning your rifled slug gun barrel so much anyway?
Most likely you will not even fired 20 rounds in the whole year. At $3.00+ a shot most hunters stay under 10 rounds.

Once a year when the season is over and the gun is going into storage for months is fine.

While testing the Lightfield brand of sabots we clean our test barrels app. once every 5000 rounds–Usually at the end of the year. Not before all of the ammo for that year has been made and tested.

Since velocities are under 1700ft/sec and the pressures under 12,000psi.
WHY ARE YOU CLEANING more than once a year if you use the Hybred-Exp from