Bolt Guns

Is it true that tarhunt made the barrel for the savage 210? How good is that gun? What are the realistic distances it can shoot? Do the slugs drop less with this gun than say a Remington 1100 slug barrel?

TarHunt does not make the barrels for either the Savage 20 & 12 gauge bolt action slug guns, although like everyone else in the industry, they did copy our 1-28 rate of twist for their 12 gauge guns.
The Savage 210 12 gauge gun has been plagued with ejection issues from the day they went into production. The verdict is still out on the new 20 gauge model, it is to new yet, only time will tell.

The writers and the hunting industry together decided years ago that 1000ft/lbs. of energy is what is required to cleanly harvest a whitetail deer on the spot with less than a desirable hit on a whitetail deer, whatever that means?

The type or make of slug gun you use while hunting has no effect on the effective on the range of sabot slug except for better accuracy. You still need the energy for a CLEAN kill when the slug get there!!!  Or you can a chase a wounded mature buck for hours, sometime days.

When you’re looking at the effective range of a sabot shotgun ammo you need ONLY to look at what range that slug can deliver that 1000ft/lbs. of energy.
That pretty much answers the question what is the effective range of that round. Yes, I will agree that deer can be killed with a lot less energy. An example would be a 22RF Long Rifle in the head at most any range under 175 yards. I am sure you get the idea. There is a question of hunting ethics when you try to extend the range 98% of all slugs out there past 170 yards.

Lightfield has three 12 gauge sabots that can deliver 1000ft/lbs of energy at 200 yards and past.  The Hybred-Elite is for deer, hogs and game of that weight. The two 12 gauge Commander IDS PLUS “Heavy Game” rounds from Lightfield can deliver 1000ft/lbs. of energy at 225 & 250 yards.

I know there is a lot of full page ad’s out there telling you different but before arguing with me, fire 5-8 rounds of their sabot ammo across a chronograph.
Now rerun your ballistic programs using the velocities you achieve from a real world hunting barrel.