20ga.“Schrifle” “Clean, mean and green if need be”

Randy with all issues about lead slugs, and now they’re going to be banned here in California, and it’s heading that way across the country. There has always been rumors about you guys putting out a copper slug. Just wondering how far away is that from really happening? 

The 20ga Schrifle series slugs are a reality. There is a 20ga Schrifle: Raptor Alv allow slug @1975fps.in 270gr. and the 20ga Schrifle: NeoTec Copper 365gr slug @1800fps.


Since then TarHunt has been working a total new slug concept. Patent and trade marked as the  20ga “Schrifle”

It is a bore size non sabot slug round.  This is a full bore size .620ths. diameter 20 gauge (NON SABOT) slug weighing 270 grain.
This event will be even more interesting than it was in 1992; when I introduced the 12 rifle TarHunt Custom Rifle slug gun to the market!
This news should be interesting when it hits the forums…

See the TarHunt web site, home page, for pages of info on the 20ga Schrifle series of 20ga slugs!!