Gun Digest Magazine from 2017

“It’s easier to get what you want, when you’re talking to people that understand what you need.”   

Scope, Rngs & Bases not included.


Mountaineer 20ga SS and the Professional 12ga SS. The utility colored stock shown here was made for a lady’s deer gun. The STANDARD stock color is all BLACK.

The Mountaineer RSG-20 and the Professional RSG-12 Stainless Steel bolt
action slug guns now come standard with the Muzzle Brake and a Custom Jewell
Trigger (set at 2 1/2lb pull). Scope and scope mounts are not included but they can be purchased,with the gun. Shown here is a Mountaineer RSG-20 with a stock colored especially for the ladies.

The TarHunt RSG series of slug guns are based on TarHunt’s own two-lug,
AWARD WINNING, custom control feed, bolt action designed especially for slug
guns. The action is drilled and tapped for standard industry scope bases, meaning that you’re able to use heavy-duty scopes.
The standard slug gun boasts a McMillan black fiberglass stock, glass bedded
action, a free-floated, threaded-in heavy wall (SS, button rifled) barrel,
from E.R. Shaw. All RSG guns are finished in a natural matte Stainless Steel
metal finish.

A Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad completes the package.
Standard LOP- 13 1/2 inches.

Base price $3495.00
A hard gun case is included. POR
Plus S & H and Insurance costs

Rem (Desingated Deer) DSG-12 870 pump gun, receiver mounted scope, a threaded in rifled barrel, 1-28tr, Deer gun.

Rem (Designated Turkey) DTG-12 870 pump gun, receiver mounted scope, a threaded in Straight Rifled TURKEY barrel to stabilize your shot column, for longer range shooting.

This picture is an example of EITHER the TarHunt Rifled Barrel DSG-12 conversion for Deer hunting. If you’re planning on operating the machine for Deer hunting, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct setup. That includes attracting the Deer to your shooting location – this is usally achieved by installing a few feeding beds in the area. You can learn more at Feed That Game, a dedicated Deer site. Or a DTG-12 TarHunt Straight Rifled barrel conversion for long range Turkey hunting. The Turkey barrel uses the screw-in Rem-choke system. Imagine, a fixed barrel, a scope mounted so you can actually see thru it; and neither will lose their zero from normal hunting usage!

Either one of these specialized conversion are available using your 870 Remington pump gun receiver. Either conversion comes with a non-field removable threaded in barrel. The receivers are drilled & tapped and the scope bases are included. By solidly mounting the scope on top of the receiver, it enhances both ease of sighting and durability. All you need is a scope and a proper set of rings that matches your scope requirements for a super pump gun. Shown with the optional Remington ShurShot Camo Stocks. Trigger prep and Sling Studs kits are available.

The DSG-12 870 (Designated Deer) conversion gun is fitted with a fully
rifled, 23 inch, 1-28 twist rate, E.R. Shaw (button rifled) barrel, Muzzle
Brake, and a Matte black barrel finish as standard.

The DTG-12 870 (Designated Turkey) conversion gun is fitted with a 23 inch, STRAIGHT RIFLED barrel and the Rem-Choke system for high density patterns at longer ranges!
A Matte black barrel finish is standard. Both 3 and 3 1/2 inch chambers

These conversion are not available for purchase online; as the conversion is
custom installed on your 870. To convert your 870 Remington pump action you will need to ship TarHunt the entire gun, EXCLUDING THE BARREL. New Rem pumps, fully converted, ready to go are also available. POR 570-784-6368.

Any privately owner firearm send to TarHunt for a conversion or repairs must be shipped with a copy of the OWNERS DRIVER LICENSE of your state OR a firearm ownership card if one is required by the state you live in. When completed, the firearms must be returned directly to the address on the original accompany ID. Any change of ownership of this weapon must be transferred thru a current FFL holder. Specifications & Pricing can change without prior notice.
Please call 570-784-6368 (9am-4pm) to plan your “DSG/DTG TarHunt Custom
Conversion”. New, completely converted DSG-models are available. POR.

Scope bases are included in the conversion package. The Scope and scope rings are not included.

Base price for either conversion $525.00
Plus Shipping and Insurance costs