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Accessories for Savage 220 bolt action slug gun:

Match quality upgrade, Stainless Steel 20ga rifled barrels for the Savage 220 slug gun. Either in a 20ga Fluted configuration or  a Plain smooth barrels finish on the outside.  They are 12ga diameter barrels outside but with the standard 1-24 twist rate 20ga rifled bores. Standard 3″ chamber, with optional  2 3/4″ or the 2.1″ Custom 20ga Schrifle chamber available.


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Qty-2  Factory new-in box, 20 gauge Hastings rifled barrels, for the Rem 870 Light Weigh, pump guns.

Rifle Sights with Factory Muzzle Brake. Gloss Blue, 24″ long, 1-24tr

$275.00 each+ UPS


Slug Guns:    “”SOLD””  New “NEVER  Fired” 1st. generation (1992) TarHunt RSG-12 bolt action slug guns.   TarHunt 12ga ( 2 round clip fed, with one round chambered – 3 round total capacity) bolt action slug gun.    Black McMillan Silhouette Fiberglass stock configuration (No checkering).  570-784-6368   (9am-4pm) weekdays.


Show gun:    12 gauge 870 TarHunt DSG-12, Rem Express Mag, fixed barrel, Matte Black finish, Rem Black Synthetic stocks, recoil pad, roll over cheek piece,  trigger prep done, Leupold adjustable windage scope bases included, 3″ chamber, rifled barrel with muzzle brake, 23″ long with a 1-28tr.  $1075.00

On Consignment:  12 gauge 870 TarHunt DSG-12, Rem Wingmaster Mag.   Latest generation- 98%, fixed barrel pump gun. Black Matt metal finish, Fully converted, with Rem ShurShot Thumb Hole Camo stock set. Drilled and tapped receiver, bases included, trigger prep @ 3 lbs, muzzle brake, 1-28 twist rate.        To see a picture of a look alike gun set up the same way; go the TarHunt home page (bottom left hand picture).   $999.00

Note: the gun for sale here does not include a telescope, just Leupold adjustable windage scope bases. TarHunt will mount and bore site your scope for free.


Guns:  Used, trade in and otherwise:

A 6PPC single shot, Light Varmint, Bench Rest class rifle, Aluminium action sleeve fabricated over a steel action, right bolt-left port, integral scope bases,  2oz. trigger, glued into a McMillan black Graphite Light Varmint fiberglass black stock. This gun fills the specification requirements for the 10 1/2 pound IBS class, Light Varmint or Sporter Class BR rifle. Integral scope base machined on action. Comes with 25 rounds of Fired formed 6PPC brass. New Wilson Hand Loading Dies set available to load round at the range or Varmint hunting.


Rifle Ammo:

Two FACTORY loaded boxes (40 rounds total # (60010) Federal-Nozler Trophy grade, 257 Roberts+P, 110 grain AccuBond.        $70.00  Includes UP