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Ammo: Two FACTORY loaded boxes 40 rounds total# (60010) Nozler Trophy grade, 257 Roberts+P, 110 grain AccuBond        $80.00 PLUS ups


Never fired bolt action slug gun. Earlier generations of TarHunt RSG-12ga, clip fed, bolt action slug guns. For information email to [   ]      phone 570-784-6368  9am-4pm

New “NEVER  Fired” 1st. generation (1992) TarHunt RSG-12 bolt action slug guns.   TarHunt 12ga ( 2 round clip fed, with one round chambered – 3 round total capacity) bolt action slug gun.    Black McMillan Silhouette Fiberglass stock configuration (No checkering). Call for details. 570-784-6368   (9am-4pm) weekdays.  Email:

Guns:  Used, trade in and otherwise:

A 6PPC single shot, Light Varmint, Bench Rest class rifle, Aluminium action sleeve fabricated over a steel action, right bolt-left port, integral scope bases,  2oz. trigger, glued into a McMillan black Graphite fiberglass black stock. This gun fills the specification requirements for the 10 1/2 pound class, Light Varmint rifle.

On Consignment:  95%  DSG-12ga, Latest generation 870 Rem Wingmaster Mag, fixed barrel pump gun. Fully converted to a fixed barrel gun with Rem ShurShot thumb hole Camo stock set. Drilled and tapped receiver for a top mounted telescope, rings & bases included, trigger prep @ 3 lbs, muzzle brake, 1-28 twist rate.        To see a picture of a look alike gun set up the same way; go the TH home page (bottom left hand picture.     Note: the gun for sale here does not include a telescope, just the ring & bases.    TarHunt will mount and bore site your scope for free.

Accessories:    Match quality upgrade, Stainless Steel 20ga rifled barrels for the Savage 220 slug gun. Either in a 20ga Fluted configuration or  a Plain smooth barrels finish on the outside.  They are 12ga diameter barrels outside but with the standard 1-24 twist rate 20ga rifled bores. Standard 3″ chamber, optional

2 3/4″ or the 2.1″ Custom 20ga Schrifle chamber.