NEW–NeoTec Copper series: For 20ga, 16ga, and 12ga — in 2 3/4″ and 3″ rounds, both 20ga &12ga.

New NeoTec copper (non -sabot) bore size slugs foe standard length chambers!

Okay, so there is one in every crowd that insists on being different. For you Lightfield presents the 16 Gauge 2 3/4″ Commander IDS Plus. We use the exact same patented technology that goes into all of our other Commander IDS lines and we know it will out perform anything else on the market. Loaded with a 1 oz (537 grain) 66 caliber slug it produces 2125 ft/lbs at the muzzle and 1095 ft/lbs @ 100 yards. TKO= 66.

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Coming  Spring 2021

The new NeoTec™ Copper slug is a slightly redesigned version of that 20ga Schrifle™ Copper 365gr projectile.

By loading the NeoTec™ Copper slug in standard 2 ¾” and 3” hulls. It will allow hunters, with rifled barrels regardless of their chamber length, to access the overall performance of the TarHunt bore size NeoTec Copper slug .

Just pick your round (ONLY) by the length of your chamber!

The new NeoTec Copper  (non-sabot–bore size) slugs:

The new (20ga “NeoTec™ 365gr Copper”) slug round will be loaded with a slightly altered profile from the 365gr Schrifle™ Copper slug.  The new NeoTec™ 365gr Copper round will be loaded in both the standard length 20ga  2 ¾” or 3 inch versions.

The new (16ga “NeoTec™ app. 400gr Copper”) slug round will be load with a slightly heavier slug than the 20ga version in a 2 ¾” hull because of the bigger bore on the 16ga.

The new (12ga “NeoTec™ app. 500gr Copper”) slug will be loaded with a much heavier 12ga version of the Schrifle™ copper slug in standard length 12ga  2 ¾” and 3 inch shotgun hulls.

Sorry, The 10 week wait for the replacement 20ga die that UPS destroyed in their truck fire. I can not provide the new NeoTec round for this fall hunting season.



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