Accuracy has always been a great reason to select Lightfield Sabot Slugs. Now, our popular Hybred™Series takes accuracy to a new level with Lightfield’s exclusive SameSite™Accuracy.

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Welcome to TarHunt Custom Rifles


The accuracy standards that were set by TarHunt in 1991 are still the standards by which all other slug guns are judged today.
In 1989 TarHunt set out to make a big bore rifle to shoot sabot ammunition. We didn't want to make just another shotgun with a rifled barrel on it. We wanted to make a big bore rifle with a 12ga. rifled barrel on it.

We searched the industry both past and present, at which point we found that nothing of the quality that we envisioned had ever been manufactured before. The precision and quality of the parts that were available was totally unacceptable. They did not compliment the quality nor the craftsmanship of the bolt action slug guns that we wanted to manufacture.

The decision was then made to go ahead with this new big bore slug rifle even though it meant having to do a complete redesign. We decided that if TarHunt was going to proceed with a totally new concept, we would make use of our years of experience in both building and shooting bench rest rifles, and build the ultimate slug gun.


Randy with all issues about lead slugs, and now there going to be banned here in California, and it'…